Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frozen Motion

The week before Christmas we went to Cape Elizabeth, Maine, to visit some of my family. One morning, my dad and husband and I took a cold windy stroll at Crescent Beach State Park.

Peaceful to look at, but boy was it chilly!

I'm fascinated with the ways sand and wind and water interact. Check out these fractal-like ebb patterns I found in a patch of black sand.

I'm not sure what the black sediment is, but it makes a pretty pattern!

I also found windblown sand ridges further down the beach. Years ago I took a winter walk on a beach during a snow storm that frosted every tiny ridge. We had no snow on this hike but shadows made a fine contrast instead.

Ripples in the sand look like frozen motion to me.

It was fiercely windy. Sometimes fine sand whisked past in ghostly swirls.

A haunted beach??

In addition to dislodging the sand, the wind also whipped up some vicious waves. Mist sprayed high in the air each time the waves crashed over some rocks just offshore.


At one point we wussed out a bit, and walked inland part of the way back to escape the wind.  Near the start of the inland trail we found these fluffy seedheads glowing in the sun.

The wind was much reduced here. Whew!

Eventually we returned to the beach and headed back toward our car.  The wind was still gusting but at least it was at our backs. Out on the waves a couple lobsterboats rode by, seemingly oblivious to the biting wind.

Kudos to the stalwart lobstermen.

To finish off, we decided to thaw out at a nearby coffee shop, The Local Buzz. They serve locally baked pastries, coffee, cafĂ©-style food and even beer and wine. We curled up in cozy armchairs to enjoy scrumptions pastries and decadent mochas. Yum! I highly recommend this cafe if you’re ever in the area.

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  1. I'm cold just looking at those pictures! I've always wanted to visit Maine, it seems spectacular, I think I'll wait till it warms up!


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