Raising Caterpillars

I love watching caterpillars turn into butterflies! I grow a lot of dill and carrots in my garden, so I get Black Swallowtails ovipositing (laying eggs) on those plants every summer. To make sure the caterpillars safely turn into butterflies, I bring them inside as soon as I find them. Here's what I've written so far about my adventures with caterpillars, including how you could try it yourself.

Did you know Black Swallowtail Caterpillars only eat plants in the carrot family? Dill, carrots, fennel, & Queen Anne's Lace.

My Dill Dreams Come True 

Caterpillars Continued: From Poop to Pupation 

Butterfly Success (my first batch of overwintering chrysalises) 

Those Sneaky Spicebush Swallowtails 

2016-- I Might Have Gone A Bit Caterpillar Crazy


Butterfly Update-- Eggs and Eclosures

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