Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ghost Bird

Yesterday morning I glanced out the front window and discovered a startling leucistic bird at my sunflower feeder.  Its plumage was almost all white, but it had normally colored eyes, feet and beak. By the time I grabbed my camera and got outside, it had flown up to the telephone wires.  Of course that meant it was in full bright sunlight and tough to photograph with the glare.  I think it's probably a house finch judging from the general outline and my usual bird feeder population, but it's hard to be sure without any normal fieldmarks.  In the photo below you can also see a house sparrow at the upper left corner of the frame for comparison. 

 Leucistic birds tend to be especially vulnerable to predators, since their lack of pigment makes them so noticeable. I'm crossing my fingers for this one though.  I hope the ghost bird comes back to my yard again soon!

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