Friday, June 17, 2011

Eye Candy

As I mentioned in my last post, milkweed has come into bloom at Lake Frank.  Butterflies are just going nuts over it, and I admit I'm fond of the heady fragrance myself.  Here for your viewing pleasure are some of the  butterflies and birds I encountered near the milkweed stands on Monday and Tuesday.  One of these days I've got to convince some milkweed to grow in my own yard!

Silver-spotted Skipper on an unidentified flower near the milkweed.

Spicebush Swallowtail basking in a sunny glade beside the trail.

Great Spangled Fritillaries-- the most common butterfly at the milkweed right now.

Northern Pearly-eye in another trailside spot of sun.

A banded House Wren. Wonder who's doing the banding around here?

This sleek Eastern Kingbird scoped out the multitude of bugs near the milkweed.

A Comma looking for tasty salts on the gravelled trail.

This bouncy Little Wood-Satyr only held still long enough for ID and a hasty photo.

This entry's park: Lake Frank, Rock Creek Regional Park, Derwood, MD

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